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Most PCBs are constructed with material that has a Tg value of 140C. This can withstand operating temperatures of up to 110°C Tg stands for glass transition temperature and indicates the temperature at which the printed circuit boards' (PCB) material starts to transform. If the operating temperature exceeds the designed Tg value of the PCB base material, the board will change from a solid to a liquid state and this will affect its function and performance. As such, high-Tg PCB are suitable for applications that generally involve extreme temperature variations, such as automobile electronics, industry electronics, and high-temperature electronics.

JingHon offers high-Tg PCBs that have a Tg value of up to Tg 180.

The parameters of the materials available in our high-Tg PCBs are as follows:

Material TG (DSC,°C) Td (Wt,°C) CTE-z (ppm/°C) Td260 (min) Td288 (min)
S1141 (FR4) 175 300 55 8 /
S1000-2M (FR4) 180 345 45 60 20
IT180 180 345 45 60 20
Rogers 4350B 280 390 50 / /

Please kindly note that some specialist materials may not be readily available. In the event that the material you require for your PCB product is not in stock, we will contact you at the earliest opportunity.

If you need a material with a Tg value which is not listed in our online quotation form, please send a quote request along with your design file to sales@jhcircuits.com, we will get back to you with a custom quote accordingly.

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