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1、What files do you need to manufacture my printed circuit board?
A:We require gerber files.we can use other formats such as OBD or AutoCAD dxf to create gerbers for you.for any other non-gerber formats,please send us for review.

2、When do I pay a tolling NRE fee for my printed circuit board?
A:You will only pay a Tooling charge if you go directly to Production(Custom Spec) without having
   Ordered a Proto(Standard Spec) as a first step. We do not charge Tooling for Protos (Standard Spec)    and neither do we charge Tooling if the proto(Standard Spec) is reordered  for Production (Standard Spec) .

3、If I only have a minor charge in my design,do you charge Tooling NRE?
A:When we make any change to your printed circuit board, We assign it completely new tooling. This helps prevent old artwork or cnc programming from being used. Even a minor change will require the same process as new files,so a tooling charge may apply. Please contact your salesperson for details.

4、What’s test NRE?
A:The Test NRE is a one-time “non recurring expense” for electrical test, This charge is optional but when paid, all circuit boards will be tested each and every time that part number and revision is ordered without additional charge.

5、What do you need if I want my pcb panelized in array format?
A:We recommend you send us your complete array pre-panelized. This allows you to set the array exactly the way you want it. If you need us to set up your array, please be aware that additional engineering time may be billed.

6、To what acceptability standards do you build?
A:IPC A600 class 2 through IPC 6012 class 3A.

7、What CAM software do you use?
A:We use Frontlines’s Genesis software for editing and viewing.

8、Can you build RF applications?
A:Yes,We stock several RF materials such as Rogers 4000, Teflon, and Duroid. All of pricing is subject to change at any time without notice. We reserve the right to refuse any order at any time.

9、What happens if I have a problem?
A:We are committed to your satisfaction and we ask that your contact your salesperson immediately if you have a problem of any kind.If you ever fell that you have received a product or service that was below your expectation,please fell free to email directly to quality@jhcircuits.com .Also,we would like to hear any suggestions you have for improvements.

10、What data do you need for a turnkey PCB Assembly order?
A:We need your bill of materials(BOM) and Component Placement list(CPL).We are also able to accept many forms of CAD data, and ODB data upon data review.

11、What does your quoted price include?
A:We will provide you pricing for PCB assembly.The PCB assembly pricing includes tooling, solder stencil and assembly labor for loading the components. Our turn-key quotes also show component pricing as indicated. We do not charge setup fees or NRE’s for assembly.

12、How do you determine turn-time?
A:Assembly turn-time begins immediately after the PCB turn-time and when all parts and information received complete. If consigned kits and documentation is incomplete, assembly turn-time begins whrn all necessary assembly information is complete and on hand, Any delays due to CAM Hold and/or technical issues will impact turn-times.

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