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Components Procurement

Jinghon offers a wealth of experience in offering final box build assembly.

Our extensive range of services in manufacturing PCB’s, PCB Assembly, cable preparation and cable harness manufacture, in addition to many other associated services, leads to the inevitable conclusion of us combining all of these component parts in a complete tested ‘ready for market’ solution.

Box build can be simple enclosures housing PCB Assembles, to complete Sub-Assemblies / Backplanes / Power Supplies enclosed in a bespoke housing with HMI Interface. Our experience and trained staff are able to put together a solution to meet your needs.

box build pcbBox build is ultimately about attention to customer detail, and proficiency in a multitude of tasks to pull together a final product. Also crucial is a network of partner companies to ensure our customers can receive a one stop solution from Kasdon. We believe we are ideally placed to provide these attributes.

For further information on final assembly and box build please do not hesitate to contact us via phone email or Skype where we will ensure our highly trained team can assist.

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