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Aluminum PCB

    Metal core PCB provides effective thermal dissipation for electronic products. Aluminum printed circuit board is most commonly used in metal core PCBs; the base material is aluminum core with standard FR4. The thermal aluminum clad layer dissipates heat efficiently, cool components and increase the performance of products. They are widely used in LED lights, power equipment, automotive systems, etc.

JingHon has been offering aluminum PCB manufacturing services for fourteen years. You can find the parameters of the aluminum-core material we employ in our aluminum PCBs below for your reference.

Performance Index (Measured value) Domestic 1060 Aluminum substrate
Peeling strength (n/mm) 1.8
Insulation resistance (ω) > 1*10 g
Breakdown voltage (vdc) >2 k
Soakable soldering (°C/m) 280°C or 260, 1 min, no bubble, no delamination
Thermal conductivity (w/m-k) >0.8
Thermal resistance (°C/w) < 1.2
Combustibility fv-o
Dielectric constant (1mhz) 4
Dielectric loss angle (tangent) 0.03

Sample Aluminum PCB fabricated by JingHon

If you have any specific requirements about aluminum PCB options which are not listed on the online quotation form, please send a quote request along with your design file to, we will get back to you with a custom quote accordingly.



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